Rest N Rehab

Many people, for various reasons, have time when they are recovering for accident, injury or long-term illness or even just the natural aging process. This time can be frustrating; the combination of managing pain, inactivity and restriction can be a very stressful and often lonely journey back to good health and mobility.

Viva Life Studio is offering a wonderful service with low impact and non-weight bearing exercise tables. A Rest N Rehab treatment combines gentle muscular stretching with assisted manual movement to increase range of motion, release pain and fatigue. Deeply relaxing massage strokes nurture the body and assist with tense, rigid and weak muscles and tissue damage.

Stimulating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic essential oils of Peppermint, Juniperberry, Rosemary and Clove combined with the flower essences Crowea, Kapok Bush and Sunshine Wattle assist with pain, inflammation and immobility and promote a positive focus on the future.

Of course, this treatment depends on your particular requirements at the time, and I will certainly not push you beyond your capacity for movement or pain, as this may impede any positive outcomes. We will have a thorough chat (and with your permission), in combination with Nicky's advice about your needs before proceeding with your treatment.